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Terms & Conditions

(1) Copies of published works can only be made and supplied under the Copyright (Libraries) Regulations, 1957 which require the Brontë Society to charge the student not less than the cost (including a general contribution to the running expenses of the Library) attributable to their production and require the student to sign a declaration and undertaking. (2) Copies of published and unpublished works are supplied solely for the purpose of the student’s research and private study. The copy may not be lent or circulated to the other persons, or further copies made without the permission of the copyright owner and, where appropriate, the Brontë Society. (3) Manuscripts and unpublished works may not be transcribed without the permission of the Brontë Society and, where appropriate, the copyright holder. (4) No photography, file or videotape may be taken in the Museum: any such photographs taken in breach of this prohibition and the copyright therein shall be the property of the Brontë Society. (5) Photographs of paintings, drawings, manuscripts and other objects in the Museum may be supplied for the purposes of research and study on payment of the prescribed fee. (6) No material from the Museum may be published in whole or in part or be made use of in a published work without the written permission of the Brontë Society and, where appropriate, the copyright holder. (7) When permission is granted for the publication or reproduction of material, the appropriate form of acknowledgement shown below* must be used and the prescribed Reproduction Fee becomes payable: *Form of acknowledgement in published works (agreed by the Council of the Brontë Society, 2 April 1974): a) For items where the Brontë Society holds the original: ‘By courtesy of the Brontë Society’ (and of copyright owner if appropriate) b) For photographs supplied by the Brontë Society where the original is not in the possession of the Bronte Society and where no copyright exists: Photograph from the Brontë Parsonage Museum’ c) For Mrs Lewens’ copyright, acknowledgement to: ‘The late C. W. Hatfield’ d) For extracts from, and use of, material of Mr Hatfield, acknowledgement to: ‘The late C.W. Hatfield’ (8) While the Brontë Society is happy to grant permission for the use of material in its general collection, in supplying photographs or copies of works or granting permissions for reproduction or publication, the Brontë Society does not guarantee that the copyright of third parties will not be infringed thereby. It is the responsibility of the student to establish whether there is any living copyright holder from whom permission should be sought.